Ataturk Vocational School of Higher Education was opened as the result of the practices carried out cooperatively between YÖK and Ministry of Education in 2002 with 4702 numbered law accepted on 10th July 2001 within the scope of the system’ Transition to Vocational School of Higher Education from Vocational High Schools without taking  exams’. Most of the students register to the school from technical and vocational school of higher education without taking exams within the frame of Vocational and Technical Education Regions application. Education is within the scope of secondary education, is a four half- year education and the language is Turkish.

In Ataturk Vocational School of Higher Education, five departments have been continuing education in 6 programs and 1694 students have been studying in these programs. 610 of these students are day-time students and 1084 students are secondary education students. And the departments are Machine Program and Industrial Pattern Program under the name of Machine and Metal Technologies Department, Electric Program under the name of Electric and Energy Department, Electronic Technology Program and Mecatronic Program under the name of Electronic and Automation, Chemistry Technologies Program under the name of Chemistry and Chemical Processing Technology, Automotive Technology Program under the name of motor vehicles and Transportation Technologies.

When the school of higher educational was established, the classes and laboratories of the other faculties of Gazi University and the facilities of some Vocational Schools of Higher Education were being used. With the allotment of The Akyurt  Building where the students of Chemical Technology Program are educated under the name of Chemistry and Chemical Processing Technologies and a building of Social Services and Child Care Institution was granted, the decoration and the repairmen of this building has been completed with the leadership of  Akyurt district governor, Akyurt municipality and the association of Akyurt Industrialists and Businessmen  and has been put into service in 2005-2006 academic year, fall term. This building has a 2500 m2 total area with 255 m2 of laboratories, 317 m2 of administrative offices, 230 m2 of canteen area, and 400 m2 of sports facilities. In this building, there are 19 classes capacity of which differ between 34 and 72 students, 4 computer laboratories with internet connection having 15+1 users, 10 administrative offices, 3 chemistry laboratories , 1 lecturers’ room, 1 study room an done canteen. Besides, 1 classroom has been changed into dining room and dining services have been left from the canteen.

In our Cubuk campus, we have machine and industrial pattern program under machine and metal Technologies department, electric program under electric and energy department, electronic technology and mecatronic program under electronic and automation department. There are 968 students. Besides, education has been going on at Automotive Technologies Program under Motor vehicles and Transportation Technologies since year 2011-2012 spring term at Cubuk Campus. There are 10 classes with 46 student capacity, 7 classes with 22 student capacity and 2 arts studio with 40 students capacity, 4 computer labs, 20 academic and administrative room, a conference room, 1 lecturers room and 1 canteen and a social activities saloon.